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04 June

Looking to purchase a McCoy Mammy Cookie Jar?

If you’re hoping to buy a vintage McCoy Pottery Company made Mammy Cookie Jar, you’ll definitely want to skip shopping on eBay!

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03 June

Question: What do McCoy, Shawnee, and Weller Pottery have in common?

Rhyne and Son Importer and Wholesaler in Ringgold, GA.

Confused? So were we.

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31 May

"Inspired By" Pottery at the National Ceramic Museum & Heritage Center

I was interested to see this piece at the National Ceramic Museum & Heritage Center. Although not exactly a reproduction, this commissioned piece is openly described as a "McCoy Pottery" inspired work.

National Ceramic Museum Heritage Center
2006 McCoy Inspired Coin Purse Bank Released!

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27 May

All publicity is good publicity....

The effort to educate and combat online fraud almost invariably requires bloggers, websites, and forums to use html links to talk about and expose sellers and wholesalers involved in the trade of suspect goods. This effort, which we applaud and engage in as well, is unfortunately, from a “publicity” standpoint, a double-edged sword.

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22 April

After a long hiatus, an Ebay update.....

I recently read a thread on eBay's "Trust and Safety" Forum Board that disclosed, in my opinion, one of the most important pieces of information regarding fake pottery sellers to come out of eBay in years.


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29 November

The Price of Honesty on eBay

Two fake Little Red Riding Hood cookie jars sold on Ebay auction only hours apart on the same day. One jar sold for $171.49. The second sold for a mere $22.50.

What was the difference between the two jars?

One seller told the truth.

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19 October

A Fake Mammy Cookie Jar is Born, Today on eBay....

Looks like the post-Roger Jensen era, up and coming, fake cookie jar artists have been busy at work for the Holiday season. Today I saw their new offering, listed through a long time fake seller on on eBay, the "McCoy" original motif Brayton Laguna Mammy cookie jar. [Read Full Article!]
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05 October

New Ebay Policy ***Restricted Use of Private Feedback***

This new policy change at eBay is a very, very good thing, and is a long time overdue. As of the 26th of October 2006, eBay sellers will no longer be able to list items if they have a "private" feedback profile. This will help buyers to be able to better research their sellers, their selling history, and most importantly, the assessment of the community of buyers regarding the authenticity of their goods. Look out Faye! (fayes_southern_memories)

After several months of dismal eBay decisions, this announcement is a welcome suprise. [Read Full Article!]
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16 September

Stretching for Size

I’ve noticed a rash of ads on eBay lately for obviously fake Winnie Pig cookie jars that tout in bold type the jar advertised is “100% GENUINE” and “FULL HEIGHT”. Since StoryBook Ceramics began offering a full size Shawnee style Smiley Pig last year, I suppose it was only a matter of time until the counterfeiters began looking in earnest for a way to follow suit.

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08 August

Off topic but Still Important - BookMooch Overview

This entry is so off-topic. It is so, so, so, off-topic.

But, I had to share.

When I'm not painting ceramics, I tend to bury myself in books. Anyone who really loves to read knows that books can be expensive.


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24 July

Dim all the lights…

This week marks the end of an era for StoryBook Ceramics.

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15 June

Shaping the perception of counterfeiting

In 1999, Londoner Peter Lowe wrote an article concerning the difficulties faced by law enforcement in dealing with the problems of counterfeiting. Especially troubling to Mr. Lowe was the issue of consumer apathy, or even sympathy, for the counterfeit artists and a lack of care for the products themselves.
It's been seven years since his article was released. Let's revisit some of his thoughts and explore the questions... "How are we doing?" "Have we made any progress?"
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07 June

Beware The Holy Grails of Pottery

You’ve read the books and studied the pictures. You belong to collector groups and attend conventions and shows. You are a seasoned veteran of online shopping. A long-time collector of mid-century American pottery, you are long past being fooled by the wares of any backyard Tennessee knock-off artist. [Read Full Article!]
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02 June

Repro is Not a Four Letter Word


In most mid-century American collectible pottery circles, the word reproduction draws immediate, passionate responses, usually negative. A quick read of posts on the larger cookie jar collector forums will reveal a loathing of ceramic reproductions that has no parallel in any other area of art.
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30 May

The International Anti Counterfeiting Coalition Website

"You can help the IACC combat trademark counterfeiting and copyright piracy by sending information on infringers and pirates directly to us. Whenever you encounter counterfeits online, on the street or at a flea market, our member organizations and law enforcement officials need to know."

International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition

For those of you who have been burned in the past by counterfeit pottery, here is a link to a website where you can report your experience and get it documented (and hopefully investigated!). The website has an email address, phone number and mailing address for snail mail.

The only way to combat the fakes is to make sure the people selling them are reported to the right agencies and groups. If enough people complain, the "powers the be" will be forced to notice and take another look at the legal loopholes that allow this shady business to go on.

So, don't just get mad. Report, report, report.
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